Course: TV & Film Production (hands-on fast track)
Program Duration: 1-6 months (3 times weekly)
Lecture Schedule: 4hrs/class (Morning/Afternoon)

Course Description:
This course offers technical standards of cinematography in television and film production: principles and methods of visualization; use of camera movement; lens selection; lighting techniques; creative directing and manipulation.
Students not only learn to operate modern industry DV, HD, Full-HD & 2K/4K cameras or light scenes, but also learn all the intricacies & technicalities of cinematography, directing, screenplay, film tricks, sound recording & production of TV programmes, news, commercials, films, documentaries, etc.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course, each student would have actively engaged in both individual and group projects culminating in a final shoot of a short film, documentary, TV programme & commercial.
The practical exercises & final projects would demonstrate:
1. An understanding of the principles and methods of visualization in Cinematography.
2. Ability to communicate one’s vision as a cinematographer/creative director.
3. An evaluation of students’ level of creativity, comprehension and ability to apply all they
have learned into practical performances.

Course outline:
1. Introduction to cinematography, the principles and methods of creative visualization
2. Introduction to different types of cameras, accessories, tripods, grips, etc.
3. Video camera operations
4. Lenses and filters
5. Introduction to audio recording dynamics & microphones
6. Shot Composition & Creative Shooting Angles
7. Lighting techniques (Indoor & Outdoor)
8. Directing (TV, film and other video productions)
9. Introduction to Camera Stabilizers (DJI Ronin) & Aerial Photography (DJI Mavic Pro 4K Drone)
10. Production exercises/projects in groups and individuals.

We offer and deliver practical/hands-on qualitative internship opportunities and skill empowerment platform in the world of broadcast production and post-production for beginners, semi-professionals, secondary school students, school leavers, graduates, NYSC members, youths, production houses, religious organizations, etc.

Our facilitators are veteran industry professionals who have both trained and on-the-job experiences as heads of various creative units; they are some of the few best hands drawn from the television, film, print and advertising industry, and have worked on countless world-class media projects. They are ever prepared to deliver modern-day tricks, tips and secrets at our beneficiaries/trainees’ fingertips, thereby empowering them with cutting-edge skills and capabilities to produce world-class broadcast productions and to attain the very best in their careers, with due completion of all stages of the programmes.

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